Your events and videos need a cms as memorable as them. Camelot’s new CMS not only allows federations and sports clubs to share their recordings and events simultaneously with each other in the same environment, but players can now have a social network and a digital professional portfolio, where they can share and display their best moves.


UX/UI Designer · Design System Architect


Novanet Automation Consultants, S. L.




Camelot app (designed and developed by Blacknosaur) has solved many issues that sports federations and clubs had. Now they can generate small snippets of the best moments of a sports match and give them a specific classification. But, all this visual content needs to be stored and shared with all the players and coaches of the club, so they can learn from their mistakes and strategize their next matches. Until now they used other CMS like Google Drive or Dropbox, but…

Could my CMS give athletes something extra?


To find out what could make my CMS desirable for athletes, I interviewed coaches and players, and concluded with the following insights: 

  • Players wanted to share their best moves on social media.

  • Players and coaches wanted to have a sports curriculum to boost their careers.

  • Coaches and technical staff want players to watch the recordings from training sessions and matches to learn and better themselves.

  • Coaches and technical staff want to monitor players’ evolution and progress.

  • Directors of sports clubs want to register coaches and technical staff members’ work.


Camelot CMS and Camelot app are the best tandem any athlete can have. Besides uploading videos simultaneously from Camelot App, directors, technical staff members and coaches can monitor their players’ progress. Meanwhile, players will have their own social and professional network where they can view other players’ profiles, view their publications, and upload their professional curriculum.