The app for the most passionate and curious museum visitors. Not only does it have the best historic-artistic information of the exposed art pieces, but they’ll also discover how these have been curated and professionals can download official reports quickly and easily.


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In the past couple of years, an interest in the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural heritage has increased in cultural tourism. But there is a lot of work ahead, and it’s not always easy for professionals to have access to what they need to do their job. But the processes of restoration that the objects exposed in museums go through aren’t showcased either, leaving visitors clueless as to how the object in front of them has been curated. 

Is it possible to create a platform that can help professionals and also educate visitors?


After a survey I gathered from the MAN visitors and several interviews with professional curators, I had some interesting insights that helped me define each user’s pain points.

These insights are the following:

  • Even though there are annual conferences, there really isn’t an established community of professional curators.

  • Even professionals with an official license can’t easily access professional reports from museums and curation studios because most of them aren’t digitalized.

  • Although there are professional magazines that curators can subscribe to, these aren’t digital, which would be much more accessible.

  • 80% of respondents knew what Conservation and Restorations of Cultural Heritage were due to the malpractice cases mentioned in the news.

  • All respondents wanted to learn more about the craft and wanted to learn how the objects in museums were curated.


With Restaurarte I kill two birds with one stone. While all users can access information like the latest news related to cultural tourism, museums schedules, and audio guides with the historic, artistic, and restoration information of the objects on display, professionals can download official reports and documentation and visualize it in the library section or from the cloud.