Because you can never learn too much. The new school for coaches of the “Real Federación Española de Fútbol” not only did it have a new makeover, but now students can take exams and take their online classes from all of their devices.


UX/UI Designer · Design System Architect


Real Federación Española de Fútbol




In the past year, my client has gone over some changes to modernize and update their corporate identity. But, despite the changes, there were many other issues that needed to be solved, especially with their most popular product: The School for Coaches.


At a first glance, it seemed like these issues were simple enough, but after some digging through, bigger issues appeared, like the student’s inability to complete some tasks, the complexity of some tasks that administrators had to do, or the unawareness of teachers of the exams they have left to grade. But, the biggest problem they had that had them stuck in the 20th century was that it wasn’t multidevice.

Is it possible to create a simpler and multidevice platform?


From the very beginning, I knew that I had to have a series of interviews with my client and with some users of the platform in order to detect their pain points. I also had to find out what qualities of the existing platform had to remain, hence changing them could confuse the existing users. After these interviews and extensively analyzing their platform, I ended up with many insights, being the most critical the following:

  • Confusing and ambiguous naming, leaving the user confused and not knowing what each thing is.

  • Messy and outdated sitemaps and information architecture, leaving users clueless as to where to go to make certain tasks.

  • Long flows and uninformed system status, leaving the user frustrated and disorientated.

  • Too much information per screen, increasing users’ cognitive overload.


“Somos Formación” is the online school that future coaches deserve. Not only is it multidevice and has a UI in sync with the client’s new corporate identity, but it’s also more attractive and simple for users to use. Now students can answer messages, check their next exam or take their online class from their smartphone, but teachers can grade exams and tasks in the blink of an eye.